Thursday, March 19, 2015

When I Was Puerto Rican

These drawings appear in a new textbook geared towards inspiring 4th graders to write. They accompany an essay by writer and actress, Esmeralda Santiago, who recounts memories from her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico. Guava trees grow abundantly on the island.  The ritual of eating this fresh fruit, with it's vibrant colors and succulent flavor, made a strong impression on her youthful senses. After moving to New York later in life, Esmeralda missed having this magical treat so readily available. It was a fond memory of her childhood.

Picking guava as a child.

"At night, your mother makes you drink castor oil,
which she says tastes better than a green guava."

Guavas found in NY supermarkets could not match the magical quality of those in Puerto Rico.

A special thanks to art director, Carmela Stricklett,
at Amplify for this rewarding opportunity.
You can view my drawings accompanying an essay by the great Rosa Parks, here.

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