Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Tour

For decades I've been holding onto an old dilapidated atlas. It seemed to be calling out to me from the bookshelf, "You've got got the whole world at your fingertips. Go ahead, explore." So I finally honored this advice (with ample assistance from sumi ink). I hope you enjoy these impressions from the first leg of my journey!

A tribute to Polynesian ink (drawn with sumi ink)

A view of Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty" on the Great Salt Lake

Ode to Peter Paul Rubens

A Veiled Society?

"Wall of Skulls" at Chichen Itza, a Mayan Temple

Inspired by Constantin Brâncuși's "The Kiss

I'd love to your thoughts on this essay. What images have left an impression on you in your travels? Stay tuned for more posts from the second leg of my journey!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Atlas Moves Forward

I recently illustrated a very weighty subject; The Wilmer Eye Institute. The Spring issue of SightLine is about the advisory council who are guiding this world-class eye center into the future.  Art director Abby Ferretti asked me to utilize the theme of 'Atlas carrying the globe', but with an upbeat, forward-looking vibe. Johns Hopkins Hospital, the founding institution of modern American medicine, is reflected in the glass.

Along with the 'Atlas' theme, here are some other ideas for this cover.

A special thanks to Abby Ferretti for another eye-opening assignment!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Importance of Being Social

Loomis Chaffee is a premier boarding school in Connecticut. These drawings accompanied an alumni magazine story; The Importance of Being Social. It's about how social networking sites can benefit the Loomis Chaffee community. Art Director Patty Cousins asked me to illustrate logos of popular sites, but with a fun twist. I hope you find them...pinteresting?

Twitter mascot hoots it up with Loomis Chaffee mascot

A Loomis Chaffee "hangout" on Google +

A literal interpretation of Linked-In?

Some pinteresting Loomis Chaffee items.

Posting videos through the lens of Loomis Chaffee

'like'-minded Loomis Chaffee friends

A special thanks to Patty Cousins for assigning me such a socially enlightening project!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jackpot Drawings

I'm not sure what compelled me to start drawing pictures on lottery tickets. 
But here are the results. I hope you enjoy!

To have or have not?

Dogs of Detroit

Emotional Lottery

Ode to Albrecht Dürer

Thanks for viewing this essay.  I'd love to hear your feedback.
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