Sunday, June 24, 2012

King of Maine

Stephen King is one of my heroes. His imagination is seemingly infinite.  Many of his stories are set in Maine, adding a dark mystique to this ruggedly beautiful state. The town of Derry only exists in Mr. King's writing, yet somehow it feels as real as Portland, Bangor, or Rockport.  I only hope the monsters living there are made up. Prints are available here!

Here's a portrait of George Orwell; his masterpiece 1984 is ranked among Mr. King's ten favorite books of all-time:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father Knows Best...

James Madison is considered the father of America's Constitution. He believed this document should evolve along with the generations living under it's laws. This illustration accompanied an article by noted political scientist, Larry Sabato. In the spirit of James Madison, he proposes amendments  that would accurately reflect our society today. It was a fun challenge to incorporate these ideas into the portrait of a truly iconic American. Thanks to Suzette Moyer at the Tampa Bay Times for such an informative assignment.

Various amendment proposals float around James Madsion.

The Constitution as a baby carriage on it's father's shoulder?

The author poses with a living/changing document.

Various 'articles' flutter and move around James Madison.

Thanks for viewing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

World Tour (part 3)

I continue to hopscotch around the globe (with inspiration coming from an old atlas). 
Here are recent drawings I've dug out my suitcase to share with you...

Scottish Pictish

Stereoscopic Palmetto State

Tierradentro, Colombia

Kowardice? Cowardice.

George Orwell

In case you missed earlier adventures from my World Tour, 

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