Monday, July 25, 2016

Life As I See It

Here are some recent sketchbook excerpts of the world around me. The image above was drawn from my front porch - of workers installing a new waterline on my street. Fortunately, I've been able to balance all the noisy construction taking place with quality time at the local pool.  None of these drawings are pretty, they mark a moment in time in the life of an artist.

Red Hook Pool 07,02.16
Red Hook Pool 7-24-16

Construction in front of my house 08.27.16

Under the Canopy 07.02.16

Friday, July 15, 2016

Systema Naturae

This sketchbook spread was inspired by Elizabeth Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction. This book walks readers through the major extinctions which have taken place on Earth. She also discusses the history of zoology, in which the first book (published in 1758) on this subject was Carolus Linnaeus's Systema Naturae. This Swedish scientist attempted to map out an order to the animal, plant and insect kingdoms. His work was an important building block towards our modern understanding of nature and evolution.

Systema Naturae detail # 1

Systema Naturae detail # 2
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Teddy Roosevelt

This sketchbook spread was inspired by The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris. This former US president wore many hats - as a naturalist, hunter, author, taxidermist, colonel, historian, conservationist, and politician.  Although Mr. Roosevelt died at age 60, he seemed to live 9 lives in that span of time.

Roosevelt was famous for his teeth, his love of hunting, and for his military leadership.

He was a US president, a big-game hunter, and colonel in the Rough Riders

"Believe you can and you're halfway there."    - Theodore Roosevelt

Monday, July 11, 2016

Bubby's Burrito Stand

 I'm very grateful to the 3x3 International Illustration Show judges for giving this drawing an honorable mention. This local burrito stand is open in the summer, and it's just a few blocks away from my home. Bubby's adds so much charm and character to my community, I was compelled to capture it in a picture. Beautiful prints of this piece are available here!


I drew the Wilderstein estate in Rhinebeck, NY for their organization’s annual silent auction. This house, which is situated on the Hudson River, was built in 1888 for the Suckley family. They were famous for their close friendship with Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. They gave FDR his beloved black terrier, Fala, who was his loyal sidekick towards the end of his presidency. Quality prints of this piece are available here!

Below is my portrait of Fala, the Scottish terrier which the Suckley family gave to FDR. This little fella was a loyal sidekick to the president until the end of his life.