Unpublished Work

Much of the work displayed here is for sale. Some pieces are framed. 
If you have any inquiries, please contact me at danielbaxter@webjogger.net. You can also visit  my Etsy store to buy quality prints of many of these pieces.

Recent Animal Drawings:

Parent & Child

Pileated Woodpecker, Adirondacks

Peacocks & Butterflies


endangered Species

Adirondack Owls

Catskills Owls

Brazilian Peacocks

Local Life:

Bubby's Burrito Stand
Blythewood Fountain,  Bard College
Fisher Performing Arts Center, Bard College

Golden Wok (drawn on a menu)

Historic Village Diner (drawn on a place mat)

Intersection, Red Hook,  NY
Holy Cow Ice Cream

{ Drawings on butcher paper and food packaging }

100% All Natural Chicken - Mixed media

Jumbo Shrimp - mixed media on butcher paper (sold)

Haddock - mixed media on butcher paper

Flounder - mixed media on butcher paper


A detail from Commuters - mixed media on an Amtrak timetable (sold)
Purchase print here.

Commuters - 11" by 17" mixed media on an Amtrak timetable (sold)

{ sumi ink drawings on old maps }

Fourteen drawings in this series are framed. All are available for purchase. Unframed size - 11" by 14"

Cuba - sold
Spiral Jetty - sold

A veiled society? - available framed

Easter Island - available framed

Lovers, Italy - available framed

Elder, Australia - sold

Woman Sewing, Denmark - available framed

Calaveras, Mexico - available framed
Purchase print.            Purchase original.

Maori Carving, New Zealand  - available framed
Purchase print.            Purchase original.

Buffalo, Wyoming - sold

Weathervane, Massachusetts - available framed
Purchase print.              Purchase original.

Pictish, Scotland - sold

Palmetto, South Carolina - available framed

George Orwell - sold

Masked Society - available unframed

Carving, Colombia - available unframed

Carvings, Central America - available unframed.

Ode to Grant Wood - available unframed

Masked Society - available unframed

Tattooed Hawaii - available unframed

King of Maine - available unframed

Pinokiminush - Piegan Tribe - Montana available unframed

Nuhlimala Qagyuhl - British Columbia available unframed

Jackpot drawings

{ Drawings on lottery tickets and game cards }

Emotional Lottery  (sold)

Ode to Albrecht Durer

To have or have not?

Inspired by a story about homeless dogs of Detroit

{ Drawings made from branches downed from Hurricane Irene }

{ postcard-size drawings inspired by postage stamps }