Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Scarlet Forever

Here are new drawings for  Rutgers Magazine. They accompany an article, Scarlet Forever, about how alumni express their school spirit.  No doubt, this excellent university inspires true loyalty from it's graduates!

Proud alum with three degrees, who also happens to be a Rutgers employee

Proud alum with her young son - who's a big Rutgers booster

An alum residing in Ohio proudly shows her Rutgers pride on her car

A special thanks to content director, Lara De Meo Hoyt for a very spirited assignment!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Life as I See It

A sketchbook is a lot like the U.S. Constitution. If you invest time, thought, and passion into it, the pages can add up to a living, breathing document. Here are a few recent spreads from my sketchbook.

A pack of speckled hounds...

President Obama    dark days / bright days

A Civil War montage inspired by the book, 1861.

A study of Tierra Del Fuego Indians

A Civil War montage inspired by the book, 1961

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lyme Aid

Here's a new piece for Rutgers Magazine. Tick-born Lyme disease is a growing nemesis to those who live near nature, and it's very difficult to diagnose in patients. Researchers at this university are developing a far more reliable test to positively identify this blight. That's great news for people afflicted with this difficult-to-detect disease. Below are some of the sketches I submitted for this story...

As someone who has suffered from Lyme disease. I'm thrilled that Rutgers is conducting this important research. A special thanks to art director John Van Cleaf for another fascinating assignment!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Poker at Princeton

I was very bullish on this assignment for Princeton Alumni Weekly. The story addresses how playing poker can help prepare you for a job on Wall Street. Mastering this game involves math skills, understanding  quantitative reasoning and psychology, and having the ability to manage risk. These tools are all valuable for working in the securities industry. Below are some ideas for this story.

A special thanks to art director Marianne Nelson for another fun project!

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