Monday, July 9, 2012

Tribal World Tour

Pinokiminush - Piegan Tribe - Montana

A world tour would devoid of meaning without exploring indigenous cultures. These drawings are based on photos by Edward Curtis, who documented North American Indian tribes in the early 20th Century. His work reminds us of rich cultures which once thrived on this continent.

Nuhlimala Qagyuhl - British Columbia

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sketching off to Buffalo...

The Outer Circle Orchestra rocks the Buffalo waterfront, opening for Arrested Development.

Here are recent sketches from the streets of my hometown, Buffalo. From a world-class philharmonic orchestra to the world-music grooves of the Outer Circle Orchestra, this beautiful city is brimming with music and life!

Arrested Development put at least 10,000 hands in the air at Canal Fest!

West-side bodega on a quiet street

Drawing in darkness, I made the Buffalo Philharmonic look like a grunge band.

In the heart of the Allentown district

Buffalo Philharmonic - Kleinhans Music Hall

Thanks for taking a peek at my beloved hometown.
You can see more sketchbook excerpts here.