Friday, December 16, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Here's an illustration I created for Middle Tennessee State University's Honors College. The cover story addresses how this institution helps home-schooled students to transition into a university setting. A special thanks to Sherry Wiser George for a very fun assignment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

More Living Local Art

Here are more pieces from my Living Local Exhibit, which is up at Taste Budd's Cafe in Red Hook, NY. You can read about and view more work from this show here. They're all pieces depicting my amazing community. If you're in town, please check em' out!

Hotel Tivoli, Tivoli NY

Del's Dairy Creme, Rhinebeck, NY

Friday, December 9, 2016

Living Local Exhibit

With eyes cast towards my Hudson Valley community, I painted some little pieces dedicated to it’s many charms. They’re up at Taste Budd’s Cafe in Red Hook through January. As an introvert, I live a little too much in my own head - contemplating big thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Given this, it’s very easy to take my environment for granted. I consistently come back to the theme of community in art - because it reminds me of all the wonderful things right before my eyes. Drawing local landmarks is a way of contemplating why they are so special. For the viewer, I hope these pictures bring out some nice memories, and frames these places in a fresh light. If you live in the area, I hope you'll check out the exhibit!

Migliorelli Farm Stand, Red Hook, NY

Upstate Films, Rhinebeck, NY

St. Christopher's Church, Red Hook, NY
Traghaven Whiskey Pub, Tivoli, NY

The Chocolate Factory, Red Hook, NY
Ward Manor at Bard College, Annandale, NY

Holy Cow, Red Hook, NY
Tivoli Mercantile, Red Hook, NY

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Loomis Chaffee

Loomis Chaffee is an excellent boarding school located in Windsor, Connecticut. These illustrations appear in their magazine, accompanying a story about dorm curriculum. The article touches on issues students face, such as ethics, health and safety. A special thanks to art director, Patricia Cousins for a super-fun assignment.

Here's a social room in a boys dormatory

Turning off devices leads to a better night's sleep

The Loomis Chaffee mascot is in the center.

Stress relief is one of the concepts addressed in this story

fire saftey

The school's main building sits at the center of this piece.

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