Color Portfolio

Below are examples of Recently commissioned pieces
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Client: NY Center for Jungian Studies     Have Jung, Will Travel!

Client: American Airlines             Presidential Movie Quiz

Client: Princeton Alumni Weekly

The Wall Street Journal          ...story about Emergency Funds
Promotion for Byrdcliffe Artisans Guild

Client; Rutgers Magazine        story about the new Rutgers Health network

Client: Rutgers   From Grief to Laughter

Chinese New Year

Portrait of 1972 presidential candidate, Shirley Chisholm, for UConn Magazine

Client: Princeton      about blogger embedded at a sit-in protest in the school president's office

Faith vs. Atheism

Diagram for American Educator

Client: Rutgers University

Ronald Reagan

Rutgers Magazine - story about new Health Outcomes program

Government Shutdown

Organic Gardening  -  Herbal Pet Cures 

Client: Thrivent Magazine   article about IRA Rollovers

Client: Thrivent Magazine   article about IRA Rollovers

Princeton Alumni Weekly  - Aaron Burr portrait for an article titled "American Lucifer"

Benghazi Outrage

The Wall Street Journal               Dividends from Overseas

The Wall Street Journal           "Currency Quiz"

The Tampa Bay Times   -  The Father of our Constitution Knows Best

Red Hook Farmers Market Logo

American Educator            Story about the successful Finnish School System


Client: Rutgers Magazine    For a story about the publishing world, "Brave New World"

Client: Whole Health Magazine  "Historic hemp"

Client: Random House    2nd of 4 covers for a mystery series

Client: American lawyer

The Wall Street Journal     Alphabet Soup of Financial Advisors

American Educator   Cultivating Collaboration

 Rutgers Magazine          RV as a home on wheels

The Wall Street Journal   ...for a story about airline travel issues.

Client: Marist College

Client: Johns Hopkins

Rutgers Magazine     "Musical Mares"

Client: Softmart    Calender portrait of James Fergason, inventor of LCD technology

Art for a greeting card

Artwork for the 'Green" issue of this publication

American Lawyer     ...for a story about intellectual property rulings.

Client: Random House    1st of 4 covers for a mystery series.

Client: The Wall Street Journal    ...for a story about naming a stock symbol
The Wall Street Journal

Banner for a food blog
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