Sunday, September 27, 2015

Building a Better World

This drawing for Rutgers Magazine is geared towards philanthropic-leaning alumni. It accompanies an article about the International Day of Giving, which lands on December 1st, 2015. Alumni are encouraged to give to many worthy causes - including worthy medical and scientific research projects being conducted by Rutgers University.  Below are a few of the sketches I submitted for this story.

Thanks to art director Michelle Cody for another rewarding assignment!

HR Going Global

Here's a new piece I illustrated for the tech column in HR Magazine. The author discusses how to construct a human resources website which can work on a global scale,  but also can address the specific needs of individual employees. Emphasis was put on utilizing portal technology to achieve this goal. Below are a few of the sketches I submitted.

Thanks to art director Mari Adams for another fun and challenging assignment!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Community School

September wouldn't feel complete without submitting an illustration to American Educator. Art director Michelle Furman asked me to create this diagram displaying the components which define a community school.

Detail of Community School illustration

Here's one of a series of sketches I developed for this piece.

" He who opens a school door, closes a prison."  ~Victor Hugo

You can check out my new illustration website here!

Life as I See It

On Monday I attended the funeral of a very good man - who also happened to be a Korean War Veteran. At his interment, I couldn't help but pull out my sketchbook to capture the flag ceremony (above). What a powerful way to honor service to our country.

Below are more recent observations captured in my sketchbook: 

Attempting to draw while exercising at the Jewish Center gym, Buffalo NY 08.03.15

The Compact performs at Bread & Bottle, Red Hook NY 8.28.15

Quick sketches of Dan at the my drawing class, Atwater Gallery, Rhinebeck NY 9.03.15

Red Hook Community Pool   7.19.15

two minute drawings of Dan, Atwater Gallery Rhinebeck NY 9.03.15

Erin Hobson performs at Bread & Bottle, Red Hook NY 8.28.15

At the funeral service for my friend Bob, St Christopher's Church  Red Hook NY 7.29.15