Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Recent Sketchbook Observations...

Here are sketchbook drawings from a recent trip to Buffalo. I traveled there to take care of my dad while he was having a surgical procedure (which went very well). Snowstorms were so frequent in February,  I decided it was safer to make the seven hour trip via train.  These are observations of fellow passengers, as well as patients and their families in the hospital.  I generally feel that sketches look empty without people inhabiting them, so I tried to capture at least one soul in each of these images.

A observation on Amtrak train 284, traveling across NY State

Surgery waiting room, Millard Filmore Suburban Hospital, Buffalo, NY

My father, waking up from his surgery. Fortunately, he recovered quickly.

A family waits for the father to be called into surgery.

A few observations from my seat on Amtrak Train 284, crossing NY State.

Thanks for visiting. You can view more sketchbook observations here.

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