Monday, March 23, 2015

The Year I Got Polio

These illustrations a appear in an English textbook designed to give 4th graders more courage to write. They accompany an essay by Peg Kehret, an award winning author of books for children. She recounts her struggle of contracting polio at age 12, in Austin Minnesota. Fortunately, Peg made a nearly complete recovery.

Before symptoms of Polio set in, the author looked forward to Homecoming parade.

Peg collapsing at school was a sign that something was amiss...

A wheelchair sits ominously in the corner of her hospital room.

In the hospital, Peg dreams of all the fun things she's missing out on...

Arriving home after a nearly full recovery,
 Peg was comforted by her father's accordion performance.

A special thanks to art director, Carmela Stricklett,
at Amplify for this rewarding opportunity.
You can view my drawings accompanying an essay by the great Rosa Parks, here.

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