Saturday, March 7, 2015

Land of Opportunity

Here are more pieces I illustrated for a an English textbook geared towards giving 5th graders more courage to write, They accompany a narrative essay by African-American writer, Bertie Bowman,  who grew up on a rural South Carolina farm in the 1930's. At age 13, he ran away from home.  Working as a porter on a train, he found his way north to a true land of opportunity, Washington DC. Once there, he never looking back, finding jobs on Capital Hill. He worked all the way up the ranks to become a staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Life on the farm consisted of slopping pigs.

You can view my drawings accompanying an essay by the great Rosa Parks, here.

A special thanks to art director, Carmela Stricklett, 
at Amplify for this really fun opportunity.

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