Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heroin on the Hudson

Heroin use in the Hudson Valley has spiked dramatically in recent years. This story for About Town addresses this serious issue in Dutchess County (where I live), and lays out ways in which local officials are confronting the problem. The author also interviews a 21 year Rhinebeck resident - who tells a cautionary tale about how he fell into the clutches of heroin - and how he eventually kicked the habit. Below are some sketchbook ideas for this story:

Thanks for viewing. You can see more B & W work here.


  1. These are terrific sketches, Dan. Would you provide a link to the article? (I searched "About Town" and "Dutchess County" without success.)

  2. Thank you, Barbara! This article will come out this week, and I will post a link. The number of heroin seizures has spiked 67% in the last four years in New York State. I wonder if you're seeing the effects in your neck of the woods?