Sunday, May 25, 2014

Benghazi Outrage

On September 11th, 2012,  the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked - tragically leaving four Americans dead. In the following days, many questions arose about the nature of this attack, and whether it could have been prevented. With a presidential election season as a backdrop, these issues became a political lightning rod.

Nearly two years later, this incident is still being dissected by politicians. New congressional hearings will be conducted - to get to the "truth behind Benghazi". It's become a rallying cry for Americans who distrust the current administration. Many others view these hearings as a cynical exercise, where the only goal is to hurt political enemies.

When a tragedy is endlessly exploited, the world starts to look out of balance. I was looking at an old map of the port of Benghazi, which reminded me of an open mouth. I thought this was an apt metaphor for all the the political noise surrounding this incident.  That's what I tried to convey with this drawing.


  1. This is an inspired illustration, Dan! To me, it represents the continued "yelling" about the cause of this tragedy and using outrage over it (and "Obamacare") to divert attention away from the fact that this Congress is the most irresponsible and ineffective legislative body for generations.

  2. Thank you for appreciating this piece, Barbara. I couldn't agree more about this congress. They're exploiting the fears of Americans who are distrustful of the Obama administration. If these politicians were sincere, they would have been speaking out about the Iraq War travesty every day. Instead, we heard crickets.