Friday, June 7, 2013

Touch of Evil

I recently held a contest on this blog, asking readers to solve a visual riddle. The first person to figure it out would win a custom drawing based of the subject of their choice (If you're curious, you can view the riddle here, and try to solve it yourself). The talented illustrator, Daniel Zalkus, was very sharp - and solved the riddle first. He's a serious filmophile, and requested a drawing based on the classic thriller, Touch of Evil, (written, directed, and costarring Orson Welles). This film noir masterpiece is so packed with memorable scenes, I faced conundrum on how to capture it on paper. In the end, I chose to depict some memorable stills in this montage. Thanks Dan, for the powerful source material. Hopefully this drawing captures a bit of the essence of Touch of Evil.

Charcoal on handmade drawing paper, about 11" by 14"

 Here are a few details from the drawing...
I'm bullish on Orson Welles

Janet Leigh and Charlton Heston cozy up...

A classic opening title

How did Dennis Weaver get up in that tree?

the phone call...

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I'm thinking about writing a film about the making of this drawing.
I'll call it There Will be Charcoal.

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