Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bobby D.

One morning I was tuned into the Howard Stern Show. He announced that the great 'Bobby D' would be a guest in studio the next hour. Bobby D? Who's that? Bob Dylan? Bob Dole? Bob Deniro? It turned out the be the accomplished actor, Robert Duvall. In any case, the wonderful ambiguity of 'Bobby D' stayed with me - and inspired this tribute drawing.

1. Robert Deniro - my favorite goodfella of all time.

2. Bob Dole - the kind of moderate statesman who's sorely missed in today's congress.

3. Robert Duvall - a great actor, director, and tango dancer.

4. Bob Denver - star of a TV show I wasted much of my childhood watching.
5. Bobby Darin - Singer of one of my favorite songs, Beyond the Sea.

6. Bob Dylan - "I live like a poet and I'll die like a poet."

I'm certain I've overlooked some important  Bobby D's on this list.
Please write with any suggestions.

Thanks, and please come back and visit!

Update: You can see a new weekly list right here.

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