Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inventors of Ethernet

Robert Metcalfe and David Boggs are the inventors of ethernet. They developed a standard for connecting computers over short distances. This portrait appeared in a calender showcasing great innovators in technology. My client, Softmart, is a leading provider of software licensing, IT hardware and asset management tools to organizations.

For sketches, I worked with past and present references of Mr. Boggs and Mr. Metcalfe-integrating their likenesses with ethernet technology. Art directors, Dan Zuena and Ray Gideon, liked this 'coaxial cable spiral' theme, showing the inventors, circa 1973. This calender page is for August, so I utilized a Summer pallet of colors.

August 2013 Softmart calender page

Now, whenever I turn on my personal computer network,  I give thanks to Mr. Metcalfe and Mr. Boggs (for their contributions to technology). Their portrait reminds me of two TV heroes from my youth; they're like the Starsky & Hutch of IT!

I tend to utilize multiple drawings on vellum paper to construct an illustration. With this project, I had so many scraps of drawings sitting around my studio, I decided to collage them together. I like the translucent affect  created from this experiment.

Thanks to Dan Zuena and Ray Gideon for another fun assignment.
You can see my contribution to last year's Softmart calender, a portrait of Jame Fergason 
(inventor of LCD technology), right here.

You can view my new illustration website here!

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