Monday, November 21, 2011

James Fergason, Inventor of LCD technology

James Fergason (1934 - 2008) invented the improved Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD. His contributions to technology resonate strongly, especially when I think of my first calculator or digital watch. IT company Softmart asked me to create a portrait of him for a calendar celebrating great innovators of computer technology. Art Directors Ray Gedeon and Dan Zuena were fabulous to collaborate with. Even though the new year is still a month away, their beautifully designed calendar  sits prominently on my desk!

 Below are some of portrait ideas. It was fun to integrate this inventor's likeness with various elements of LCD technology.

The art directors liked this dry-brush approach, but asked me to replace a recent reference
to Mr. Fergason with a younger reference.

This idea presents James Fergason from behind technological curtains.
Here I played with the idea of putting the inventor's name in LCD lights.
I was commissioned for this project based on portraits of in my portfolio of a some other innovative historical figures:

Thank you James Fergason , for your important contributions to modern technology!

You can view my new illustration website here!

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