Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Investment Inventiveness

The Wall Street Journal has taught me much about investing. I have great teachers in art directors Orlie Kraus, Sheryl Dermawan, and Jia Baek, who give me enlightening assignments about various funds. This story is about a conflict among companies who offer ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds). Certain funds under this umbrella are leveraged, causing greater volatility. Some companies, namely BlackRock,  feel these leveraged funds should be reclassified as ETI's (Exchange Traded Instruments). Hence, the 'F' in my drawing is being sawed down to  look like an 'I'.

In order to to interpret investment concepts clearly, it's important to doodle lots of ideas on paper. You literally need to think through your hands. Here are some sketches for this story:

Once I was able to see this 'saw' concept on paper, I was betting the editors would go with it.

Here I wanted to create conflict between pencil and eraser.

Here the idea of reclassifying certain 'investment vehicles' creates a confusing traffic pile-up.

Fund managers literally battle over the F in ETF.

A tug-of-war over a letter in an Acronym.

"The F goes!" "No, the F stays!"

This post inspired me to compile some drawings I've created for Orlie, Sheryl, and Jia  over the years. I hope you find some value in these investment-related illustrations:

This story was about the reaping the fruits of dividend funds.

This spot accompanied a year-end quiz about mutual funds.

This image attempted to illustrate the flow of closed-end funds.
This investor is getting a lesson in municipal funds.

When it comes to investing, losses can sometimes lead to savings.

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