Saturday, January 19, 2013

Marist Tribute

Tim Massie is a beloved man at Marist College. My portrait of this outgoing administrator (and teacher) was presented to him at an honorary luncheon. Mr. Massie contributed much to the Marist community with his expertise in journalism and communication, as well as his enthusiasm for learning. He is compared by many to Lowell Thomas, a legendary journalist/broadcaster who's curiosity and numerous activities made him uncategorizable. Mr. Massie will be missed at Marist College!

Here are some ideas for this portrait:

My clients liked various elements of the above sketches, and sent me this 'cut & paste' version - combining all the elements they liked:
A pile of sketches on my desk.

Thanks to Leslie Bates for another excellent assignment.

You can see some fun pieces about social media for Marist Magazine right here.