Thursday, May 30, 2013

From Tween to Teen

Here's a drawing for About Town Magazine, about the psychology of tweeners. From ages 10 through 13, our brains change dramatically - especially in the pre-frontal-cortex. This is also known as the 'CEO' of the brain; it helps us use good judgement, and think analytically.  Going through these changes can lead to confusing and conflicting feelings; more is expected of us, yet we are still emotionally very young. The author offers parents advice on how to support their tweeners as they navigate through this roller-coaster transition from child to teenager.

Ideas I submitted to the editor, Paul DeAngelis

I teach art to middle-schoolers, and found this article very helpful,
 shedding light on inner-life of tweens.

Thanks to Paul DeAngelis for another fascinating assignment.

You can see more B & W art right here.

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