Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rutgers Alumni

What's so fun about contributing to Rutgers Magazine? It's never knowing which direction each assignment will take me. There are so many interesting activities going on at this great university - as as well as fascinating lives being lived by faculty and alumni. The above piece accompanies an article about a retired couple (both Rutgers graduates) who explore the U.S. in their RV. This vehicle is literally a home on wheels - allowing them to live spontaneously on the road .

"Around the United States in Fifty Days"

Another story follows an alumnus who realized his dream of playing on fifty golf courses in fifty states in fifty days. I can see Bill Murray buying the movie rights to this incredible fete.

"Five on Five"
The drawing above addresses ways to promote various Rutgers functions.

"Oh, The Places You'll Go"

Still, other stories address the career paths you can take.

Here are a few examples of sketches for this project:

Sketches for "How Rutgers Proud RU?"

"How Rutgers Proud RU?"

 Thanks to John Van Cleaf and Michelle Cody for another fun assignment.

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