Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mercersburg Cover art

Mercersburg Academy is one of America's premier boarding schools. They publish this magazine for "family and friends" three times a year. The latest issue is dedicated to stories about how the academy is literally a "home" to many students and faculty during the school year. The editor, Lee Owen, asked me to visualize this theme for the cover - and I had a blast sketching out ideas. The winning solution combines the school's logo (and color scheme) with a traditional house - conveying Mercersburg Academy as a peaceful and happy abode. Thanks to Lee for opening the proverbial doors to a really fun assignment.

The cover art was modeled after this logo:

Here's my sketch process, from the final comp to initial thumbnail ideas:

After doing initial thumbnails and revised sketches, this comp was approved to go to finish.

I had fun incorporating the logo and map of the school into these skectches
My clients initial idea was to incorporate the school's logo into a house key - which opens a door.
The cover art was born out of the simple thumbnail on the left.

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