Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Imagination Station

Teaching art to middle and high school students has been such an inspiration for me. Until recently, I taught classes at Imagination Station in Red Hook, N.Y.  I learned just as much from my students as they did from me. Projects were based on actual illustration assignments, or are inspired by great artists.

paintings and drawings on blocks of wood.
We covered a lot of ground in each two-hour class; illustrating book covers, calenders, shopping bags, posters, murals, graphic novels, New Yorker covers, etc. Or we'd touch on themes  such as Black History Month, U.S. presidents, Earth Day, or famous women.

working big in preparation for Halloween.
A slideshow was part of each class, where we view and discuss the art of famous artists, illustrators and designers. I try to mix things up from week to week - so my students feel challenged - but are never bored.

M.L.K.  portrait for Black History Month
This was an excellent opportunity to work with kids,  and learn about teaching.

Portraits of famous musicians for Black History Month

U.S. Presidents workshop

Overseeing New Yorker cover illustrations

a vampire on the cover of The New Yorker: - =

Big Sumi ink drawings!
Spooky murals

Earth Day Workshop

Paper-bag masks inspired by Saul Steinberg

Horses for Rhinebeck's Sinterklaas Celebration

shadowboxes inspired by Joseph Cornell...and Halloween

a beautiful elephant from my animal portrait workshop
Artwork inspired by Saul Steinberg's paper-bag masks

My students remind me of the many different approaches you can take to drawing
 and solving problems. 

Most of all, they remind me to have fun when I'm making pictures.

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