Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger

I drew these sketches of Pete Seeger as he performed in Woodstock, NY, in 2012. At 92 years old, he was still speaking truth to power - and empowering everyday people - with his songs.  Years ago, my daughters and I got to meet him at a book-signing. He was so kind and approachable, yet passionate about local issues. He spoke at length about motivating General Electric to remove PCB pollutants which had been dumped into the Hudson River. Because of his voice (along with those of many concerned citizens), President Bush's EPA ruled in favor of cleaning up the river. No doubt, Pete will be remembered as one of the founders of the modern environmental movement.

Pete Seeger performing with his sister, Peggy.

Pete Seeger passed away today, but his contributions 
to society will always be remembered.

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