Thursday, January 2, 2014

Illustrious Equations

The summer heat inspired me to share these equation-themed illustrations. As a child, did you ever use flash cards to practice mathematical tables? I always thought this format had visual potential beyond numbers. By adding or subtracting elements from an image, you can convey fun and provocative ideas. I can see this equation-theme applied to greeting cards, website banners, children's books, and all kinds of projects. In any case, I hope your summer adds up to a happy one!

This was inspired by a story about poodle-couture in Dogue Magazine.
This was inspired by graffiti which had a political organizing theme. I also kept
thinking about the ongoing collective bargaining debate in Wisconsin this year.


  1. Thanks Graham, it was fun to give myself over to this flash-card format, and let it help dictate the colors for me!