Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gripping Issues

Like many Americans, I've been trying to get a handle on why gun violence is so pervasive in our society. What if you could hold the issues leading to this bloodshed in your hand? What would they be?

With nearly 300,000,000 firearms in circulation, could access to guns simply be too easy? Has gun lobby been too successful (to the detriment of greater society)?

Gun violence is plentiful in American films and TV shows. Is this just a reflection of our culture and history? Is Hollywood just giving us what we want? Or are they influencing the behavior of impressionable minds? Does this industry need to be more accountable for the content of it's product?

Bloodshed is plentiful in many video games. Do gamers become desensitized to the true horror of gun violence? Do these games make it difficult for some individuals to differentiate between fantasy and reality? Does this industry need to be more accountable for this violent content?

The father of our Constitution, James Madison, felt this document should evolve to suit each living generation. Given the technological advancements of firearms (over two centuries), is it time for the  2nd Amendment to be altered to suit today's society?

How much gun violence is the result of mental illness? Do we need to provide a broader mental health safety net to identify and help potentially unstable individuals?

How many gun crimes are driven by the desperation and frustration caused by poverty?

Without a doubt, people associate the use (and trade) of certain illegal drugs with gun violence. Is there any connection between the use of prescription drugs and violence?

In order to curb the gun violence,  is there one issue (above all) which should be addressed - or all of the above? Perhaps there's something my own biases have blinded me from seeing? I'd love your thoughts.

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