Sunday, May 12, 2019

NY Fed Museum Map

I had the pleasure of collaborating with an amazing designer, Megan Mardiney, in creating a this ambitious 8 ft by 10 ft map installation. It’s located in the museum at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, on Liberty St. in Manhattan. The NY Fed helps implement US monetary policy (regarding interest rates, inflation, treasury bonds, etc). This map represents the region they encompass,: NY State, Puerto Rico. the Virgin Islands, as well as parts of CT and NJ. 

The NY Fed maintains a healthy dialogue with the people, businesses and local governments throughout this territory. They promote sound economic decision-making.

This museum educates people about the role of the Federal Reserve, as well as how our economy works. The vignettes on this map represent various industries, landmarks and animals of the region. Enormous thanks to Megan and Kerwin Adduru, for including me in this amazing project. You can the Mardiney Group website here.

My town, Red Hook, NY is on the upper right, just above 

example of a map vignette -  City Hall of Buffalo, NY

example of one map vignette - a gorge in Watkins Glen, NY

Upstate NY Holstein Cow

A montage of dry-brush drawings before color was added
One of three sketch layouts for the map

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