Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deep Down Local

This portrait appeared on the cover of About Town, a publication that's geared towards my Hudson Valley community. It accompanied an essay which asks "How long must you live in a community before you can be considered a true local? " five years? ten years? a lifetime? generations? That's a tough one to answer, but I certainly find illustrating local themes helps me feel more connected to my home turf.

This accompanied a story about Mohican Indians who once inhabited my town.

About Town's editor, Paul De Angelis, has been assigning me with fun projects for over thirteen years. It's been rewarding to collaborate with area writers, and learn about the history of my town.  The drawings posted here all incorporate local maps into their content. I hope you enjoy them. More importantly, I hope you enjoy a meaningful connection to your community!

This accompanied a story about a local burglary crime-wave.
If I ever get lost, this local map comes in handy.

This cover image accompanied a story about the 300th birthday of Germantown, NY.
Here's a link to About Town.

 I'm curious if you feel like a true local in your community?

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  1. Thank you Robin. There's something about the Hudson Valley that's so inspiring, especially it's rich history. My heart is with my friends on the other side of the river, recovering from Hurricane Irene.

  2. Your Mohican illustration is fantastic, Dano! And I love the Hand drawing too!

  3. Thanks Graham. Do you ever find that sometimes a drawing gets lost in the busyness of a publication? That was certainly the case with the Mohican drawing, so I'm thrilled that you recognized it! It was fascinating to learn that Mohicans actually lived in what has become my town!

  4. Thank you Elsebeth. My next map drawing needs to be a love letter to your Catskills neighborhood. Hurricane Irene was not kind to it, but I know it will be healed quickly!