Tuesday, June 30, 2020

On the Road to Literacy

This piece  for American Educator accompanies a story about the magazine’s archive to supporting research-based reading instruction. It was fun to work with a very straight-forward  concept, On the Road to Literacy. This is the publication of the AFT, the largest teacher’s union in the US. I have many friends who’re public school teachers, including my girlfriend of 8 years. It is nice to know this magazine will be delivered to their mailboxes, and that I can connect with them through my artwork.

Given that weve been living through a pandemic, this has been a very challenging year for educators. Living with a teacher, I see firsthand how dedicated they are, and how hard they work. To all my teacher friends, I salute you, and wish you a relaxing and peaceful summer. You deserve it!

Here are sketches I submitted for this assignment:


Special thanks to art director, Jennifer Berney, for this super-fun assignment!

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