Monday, March 30, 2020

Matt Berninger

My favorite band in the world is the National. Their sound is dark, moody, and sad. Yet, somehow, listening to their music is a cathartic experience. As someone who experiences anxiety on a daily basis, I find comfort in their sound and lyrics. I sense that others share the same internal struggles which I go through. I don't feel alone. Unsurprisingly, there happens to be an incredible communal bond amongst fans of the National. They're an amazing live band, and they do a lot of charitable work.

This is a little portrait of their singer, Matt Berninger, who (like the rest of the band) is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. His deep baritone is one of the most unique voices in indie rock. The lyrics which he (and his wife) write are haunting and beautiful. On stage, his wacky sense of humor is a perfect counterbalance to the moodiness of their sound. I started this drawing while riding on a train from Rhinecliff, NY to Buffalo, NY. The Amtrak route I traveled on is called the Empire Line, which happens to be the name of one their songs!

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