Sunday, January 31, 2016

Life As I See It

I like to take my sketchbook everywhere.  In fact, I'll probably take one to my grave. Much like exercising at the gym, it's important for artists to exercise their observational skills on a daily basis. Here are some recent journal excerpts - drawn at my gym, in the courtroom, at church, in the club, and more!

Sitting at a Trivia contest which raise money for the Red Hook Public Library.

Drawn while working out on an exercise bike - at IXL Fitness, Rhinebeck, NY

Drawn at Daryl Hall's club, Daryl's House - of guitarist Davy Knowles

A view of my father and sister sitting in his living room, Buffalo NY

The Rev. Will Mebane gives a sermon at St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo, NY

I burned 200 calories while drawing this scene at IXL Fitness, Rhinebeck NY  Woo hoo!

Random views of Rhinecliff Train Station and IXL Fitness

Sitting in at zoning board hearing, Red Hook Village Hal l 01.27.16

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