Monday, December 21, 2015

Sitting In at Princeton

Here's a new piece for Princeton - about a student reporter embedded at a sit-in in the school president's office. The students were protesting the university's use of Woodrow Wilson's name on a campus building. They were also shining a light on his racist views. While the president's office was in lock-down for 32 hours, the reporter (Gabe Fisher) was able to blog real-time updates about negotiations between students and the school president, Christopher Eisgruber (standing). The sit-in sparked a passionate debate about race, legacy, political correctness, and the concept of scrubbing history.

In this illustration detail, the university president leans against his desk on the left.

Below are ideas I submitted for this story...

A special thanks to art director of Princeton Alumni Weekly,
Marianne Nelson, for another fascinating assignment!

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