Thursday, May 7, 2015

In the Foxhole

Here's a piece for Rollins College, which is situated in beautiful Winter Garden, Florida. It accompanies an essay by Joseph Friedman, a World War 2 veteran. As a young man he discovered Rollins when he was sent there to train for Army deployment in Europe. His brigade was eventually stationed in France, where they experienced the horrors of war firsthand. Sitting in a foxhole during one ugly battle, Joseph dreamed of being back on the Rollins campus (with all the pretty girls). These thoughts comforted him through extremely trying circumstances.

The final art was based on this sketch, one of many I submitted.

When Joseph arrived back in the states, he discovered that his medical condition made him eligible for fee tuition to a private university. Of course, he chose Rollins, and his dream came true.

 A special thanks to art director Tom May for a fascinating assignment.

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