Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Evolution of a Logo

This logo had an interesting conceptual evolution. It was created for a new company which provides an array of environment products. Luz Verde translates into "Green Light" - which ties in with the environmental theme. This minority-owned business is also named after the owner's mother, Luz.  Because the company's product line is still evolving, the owners wanted a  positive image relating to it's name - yet vague enough to fit a growing variety of solutions.

The winning direction was inspired by an 1800 woodcut by Thomas Bewick. The reference image was 1" in diameter. I modeled a much larger drawing after it ( as a vector file in Abobe illustrator). My client liked the classic copperplate font best, and the strong horizontal line connoting a horizon line. The sun image has an ancient Aztec feel which ties in well with his roots.

After previously trying more complex logo ideas in the first rounds of sketches, we discussed a simple "sun" symbol to connote "green light". Here are some of the solutions I submitted:

Round #3 ideas

After seeing the first round of ideas, my client suggested a theme of an "open hand" offering an array of solutions. Here are a few of those ideas:

Round # 2 ideas

For the first round of ideas, I played with some very literal interpretations of the company name. These ideas got the conversation started:

Round # 1 ideas

It was very rewarding to help this company's visual identity evolve. A special thanks to Michael Blumenson for this opportunity. Here's to great success for Luz Verde Solutions.

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