Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Toolbox for Students

Some methods of studying are more effective than others.  These illustrations ( for American Educator) accompany an article outlining the best ways for students to study; utilizing practice quiz's, flash cards, study calenders, etc. You can see a few of these study methods illustrated below. This has been the perfect assignment to usher in the new school year. I'll be sharing this article with my daughters, who are in high school and college. I'm sure they'll both benefit - having toolboxes full of effective study methods.

Students learn material best when their minds are engaged in the subject.
One effective study method is to read a question, (while covering the answer)
and then attempt to answer it in writing.  This forces students to think about
 (and understand)  the material, as opposed to simply memorizing the answer.

Practice quiz's are an effective way to engage a student's mind
with the lessons they are learning.
Cramming is not an effective way to study - because you don't retain
much of the material you're memorizing. Students will have more success
 by creating a schedule and studying incrementally over time.
Students will benefit from having these study toolboxes

A special thanks to art director Michelle Furman for another enlightening assignment.

Thanks for viewing...and good luck on your next exam!

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