Friday, May 18, 2012

A Riverkeeper Retrospective

The Hudson Valley is considered the birthplace of the modern American environmental movement. Riverkeeper was founded by one of those original activists, Robert H. Boyle, to protect the Hudson River from polluters. This organization advocates for the region through environmental litigation. Here are covers I've contributed to their newsletter over the years.

A patchwork quilt-themed representation of the Hudson River

This art appeared in 2002 Society of Illustrators Annual.

This issue addressed how General Electric's PCB pollutants were affecting the Hudson River.

Detail of a striped bass made of PCB pollutants.

This was part of a successful campaign pressuring GE to remove PCB pollutants from the Hudson.

The slogan "Think globally, act locally" is true.
Riverkeeper campaigns continue to hold polluters accountable,
and help protect this beautiful valley I call home.

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