Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Garlic Escapes

Robin Cherry is an excellent travel and food writer. She asked me to create a banner for her blog, Garlic Escapes. Its description reads "In Pursuit of Garlic Around the World, Around the Web, and Around the Corner". She writes fascinating stories relating to the history, uses, and varieties of garlic. A delicious recipe is included with each post.

 I found this to be a very tasty assignment. The unique shape of garlic came in handy when conveying  travel-related imagery. I used a drawing paper which has a texture and color reminiscent of this member of the onion genus. It was fun to create a mini-mythology combining travel and garlic. I hope you enjoy these banner ideas.

Robin travels far and wide to research garlic, so I thought a garlic balloon  would be a fun image
to convey her adventures.

Robin liked the day and night theme in this banner.
I tried to convey an old-world etching quality here.
         Robin loved this more literal interpretation of garlic escaping from the ground,
and sees it as a possible t-shirt design.  
Here's a more delicate approach.
Here's a cross-section of an 18" by 24" page of mixed-media sketches.

Please visit Robin's blog to see the banner that was ultimately chosen. 
More importantly, you'll learn a lot about garlic and find delicious recipes!


  1. Great work Dan, the use of textured paper supports your concept nicely.

  2. Thanks Graham and Barbara. Garlic is one of my favorite cooking ingredients, so I was easily inspired to have fun with this project!