Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bill of Flights!

If summer travel plans are in the works, then you might relate to these drawings, commissioned by Derrick Gonzalez for the Wall Street Journal. He asked me to create spot illustrations about frustrating situations many airline passengers confront. The story is about how our government is addressing these problems.

This assignment resonated on a very personal level.  I was one of those unlucky travelers grounded due to one volatile volcano's recent activities. (In Iceland, this ash-spewing beast goes by the name of Eyjafjallajökull.)

The spots were to be circular and  have basic themes addressing issues such as cancellations, delays and lost baggage .  I decided to create the finals on a parchment paper that I've been experimenting with. This earthy paper helps create a unique pallet. Also, I find that adding the color white helps set off each image.  In any case, I hope these capture the frustration we feel when our travel plans go kablooey!

PS. I love brainstorming, so I always supply a healthy number of concepts for editors to choose from. Below are some examples of those choices:

Here's to a season of smooth, safe & relaxing travels!